Professional Negligence

Professional NegligenceAttorneys, accountants, architects, and other professionals are held to a standard of care to perform their professional services in conformity with at least the minimum level of competency of other like professionals in their community. Professional negligence claims, however, are difficult, expensive, hard-fought, and tough to win. They should not be brought in doubtful cases. Over the course of more than 85 years of practicing law, Los Angeles litigators Mark Anchor Albert and Associates have worked with and against some of the finest attorneys, law firms, accountants, auditors, and other professionals in California and nationally. Good lawyers and other competent professionals are critical to our economic and judicial systems. We are proud of our relationships with both the Bench and the Bar, and we support and applaud the efforts of our legal community to achieve justice and promote the rule of law.

Despite the high level of professionalism of many members of the legal community, attorneys and law firms sometimes act negligently or even cross the line into self-dealing, fiduciary breaches, and other intentional misconduct that harms their clients. Accountants, auditors, architects, and other professionals also sometimes fail to meet the minimum standards of competence required of them or otherwise breach their contracts with their clients, fail to abide by applicable professional or legal requirements, codes, and rules, and otherwise act improperly or negligently, causing harm to their clients. If their professional services fail to meet the minimum standards of competency and cause their clients monetary losses or other damages, the clients may have claims for professional negligence or “malpractice” against the service provider and his or her firm.

The Los Angeles litigators at Mark Anchor Albert and Associates can provide intelligent, vigorous, and effective representation to clients seeking to recover for their losses caused by:

In such cases, the client harmed may have valid claims based on (among other potential causes of action and theories of relief):

If you have suffered serious financial losses due to professional negligence, fiduciary violations, or contractual breaches of an attorney or law firm, an accountant or auditor, or an architect or engineer, you need a law firm with the intelligence, determination, and skill to fight and win for you. In such cases, you can count on the Los Angeles litigation lawyers at Mark Anchor Albert and Associates to represent you well.