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Specializing in high-stakes, complex business cases and commercial disputes, Mark Anchor Albert and Associates provide a winning combination of “big-firm” sophistication and “small firm” efficiency. We are a hard-hitting litigation and trial boutique that provides personalized attention and cost-effective solutions in business litigation involving complex corporate, partnership, and LLC disputes, real property, land use, and investment problems, and every kind of statutory, contractual, and regulatory issue impacting commercial litigation cases in the greater Los Angeles region. Virtually all of Mr. Albert’s cases for over 25 years have involved complicated insurance coverage issues, which have resulted in consistent insurer participation in settlements and verdicts in favor of Mr. Albert’s clients.

Our Los Angeles litigation lawyers have over 85 years of specialized litigation and trial experience in state and federal courts, administrative proceedings, and arbitration proceedings. We prosecute and defend our cases aggressively, effectively, and diligently. We are entrepreneurial, unconventional and aggressive. We look for creative strategies to swiftly resolve difficult disputes advantageously for our clients, in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Mr. Albert and his team played a key role in several landmark cases and has been instrumental in achieving over $500 million in recoveries for our clients, while defeating claims totaling over $5 billion.

We have successfully competed with the litigation departments of preeminent national law firms, where Mr. Albert excelled for over 20 years at the highest levels. While we fight to win and go to the mat for our clients with the expectation that we will try a case to verdict, we never lose sight of our clients’ business needs from a cost/benefit perspective. Our Firm has a better case evaluation perspective than other firms do. In a world of increasing specialization, our mastery of litigation and trial techniques and strategies is enhanced by our experience handling a variety of cases. We have worked on both the plaintiff and defendant side of many different types of complex business and commercial cases from nearly every perspective. We have obtained outstanding outcomes for our clients at the highest levels in the following areas:

Using sophisticated data and document management software and computer systems, we can efficiently handle large document cases with a lean litigation team. From pre-litigation counseling through trial, and through post-trial motions and appeals, Mark Anchor Albert and Associates advance their clients’ interests vigorously and effectively, achieving the best possible results with skill and determination, as well as efficiency. When settlement is appropriate, we are skillful in negotiating resolution under the most advantageous terms. Whether achieved across the bargaining table or at trial, we achieve the best results by working closely with our clients to craft the best possible results without wasteful duplication of efforts or “piling on” with associate attorneys and staff.

To that end, we also work cooperatively with our clients to structure alternative fee structures, involving hybrid contingency/billing arrangements, flat fees, contingency “success fees,” blended rates, and other entrepreneurial and creative billing arrangements to share the risks and rewards of litigation with our clients. This entrepreneurial, flexible, and businesslike approach has enabled us to obtain consistently favorable results and notable victories against the most determined and well-funded adversaries for a fraction of the cost of major law firms and other comparable litigation boutiques. We also provide efficient, determined, and effective defense to clients who are accused of wrongdoing, achieving multiple victories both by motion and by jury verdict. Our comprehensive complex litigation and trial experience and expertise have given us special insights and strategic acumen that enable us to consistently achieve winning results for our clients. Our established track record of success in litigation, trials, and dispute resolution have earned a solid reputation as a formidable Los Angeles business litigation boutique.

Contact the Los Angeles litigation attorneys at Mark Anchor Albert and Associates to find out how to best protect and advance your interests—including your interest in achieving success efficiently and economically.

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"Mr. Albert and his colleagues opened their litigation boutique in order to provide their clients with “big firm” sophistication and expertise at a fraction of the cost large firms charge for comparable representation. The Firm does not focus on leveraging junior and mid-level associates as a means to generate its profits. When additional attorney staffing is required for a particular case, the Firm has a stable of experienced attorneys with substantial “big firm” experience who it calls upon to assist on cases on a contract basis. This substantially reduces costs by keeping staffing and overhead expenses to a minimum as required by each particular case at hand."

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